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Monday, May 5th 2014

10:43 AM

Some Special Compliments

February 2, 2015

Putting the most recent at the top makes more sense. This article in Artspy (of Queens Council on the Arts) has a place for comments at the bottom.


Here are some of the comments:

  1. Nina Hunt says:

    Carol lives upstairs from me and I get to hear her music almost 24/7. I love it. I try to make her gigs especially if the gig is during the day.

  2. Dear Carol,

    I was a fan of your Brother Richard and his sound of Bix on cornet. You have as I hear you absorbed that and took it down into your baritone sax. So, Keep on Keepin’ Swing-Jazz Alive!

  3. Lynn says:

    Great articles
    Looking forward to our GIG

  4. Glenn Mills says:

    Carol is the best, talented, skilled, imaginative, kind and caring. The “real thing”.

  5. Her energy, her passion, her spirit, her drive to be the best is what makes her music sound so special! She’s a natural leader because she leads from the heart!! Carol, Thank you for being my friend.

  6. Jill McManus says:

    ‘Bout time that more people are catching on to your excellent playing! Congratulations, Jill

  7. Barbara says:

    Carol is the most amazing and fabulous light for all of us to follow. Her energy is remarkable, her music fun, and her humility gives her the edge of truth channeling the gift of sound.

  8. Brains, beauty and talent! What a magnificent write-up! You deserve it, Carol! It’s been too long since I’ve attended one of your performances. Can’t wait to hear you perform soon!

  9. Bill Wurtzel says:

    You play who you are. That’s why Carol’s music is so beautiful. I hire her whenever I can, so should you.

  10. Claire Helfman says:

    My cousin Carol and I share childhood memories of home gatherings where every person played an instrument and we sang and laughed a lot! Her brother Richard and Father Al were well know, also. Wonderful to see her receive this recognition. You Go, Cuz!

  11. Francie Scanlon says:

    Carol Sudhalter represents in my opinion the spirit of Jazz – life affirming artist encouraging and supporting those around her orbit to also be all that they are! I was overjoyed that Carol was the SPARC ARTIST IN RESIDENCE (2014 – Florence Smith Senior Center). “Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year ” (‘Sp ’14) – but Carol was the Mistro Tutti! People from all over the world, from a wide range of professional and personal experiences gathered weekly at the Senior Center – aided and abetted with Carol’s magnificent artistic direction. – culminating in a memorable and swinging performance on CINQO DE MAYO 2014! It was just one of the many fabulous masterpieces that Carol has crafted and inspired. QCA you sure know how to pick ‘ em! Thank you. P.S . Carol is also one of the nicest people you may ever wish to meet!



November 12, 2014

At a concert of David Amram on November 8, at Sunnyside Reformed Church, I stepped up to the bandstand and played 'Pull My Daisy' with David. Afterwards an elegant gentleman in an old captain's jacket approached me with heaven in his eyes, and said, 'You were wonderful! I just wanted to flap my wings and fly to the moon!!"


May 5, 2014:  After the culminating performance event of a class in which I organized senior citizens into a musical show that I wrote based on their comments and conversations, one very articulate and gifted woman wrote me:

Dear Carol:

You are the consummate SPARC professional:

S for swinging
P for poetic
A for artistic
R for righteous
C for compassionate 

Thank you for being all that you are and modeling the disposition that
gifts others to be likewise.
All the best.

August 15, 2012:  This past spring I sold a beautiful Ansonia brass clock on ebay. The whole thing was an odyssey. First bringing it to a wonderful gentleman in Manhattan for appraisal. He looked it up in his catalogues and found the exact year it was made and all the other details about  it. He does not participate in the cyber world: no internet, no online advertising, no email. He just sits in a small office in an old building in the wall Street area, and repairs clocks, by which he is totally surrounded.
   Next, correspondence with the gentleman who bid, and eventually bought it, on ebay. He went through all the steps with me on how to pack it. Now, two months later, I received the emails with the latest news on my clock:

'See the attached pictures of your clock that you sold me.  Clean and shiny, working really great.  Needed new springs and a super cleaning.  Really proud to have the clock and that it is working great.' 

and then:

'...the clock is wonderful and I plan on keeping it as part of my own collection.  This one is running extremely well and has the Ansonia Crystal clock style that I like best.  Always looking for the next Crystal Clock to add on to the collection.  I am extremely happy with this one you sold to me.  The name that the clock goes by around the house is “Carol”.  Most people have street or buildings named after them.  You have clock that is your name sake and it is doing quite well.'

July 15, 2012: I was listed in DOWN BEAT Magazine in the 77th Jazz Reader's Poll as nominee for best jazz musician in the flute category! Bill Russo, radio personality, wrote this:
I voted for you where you where listed. I wrote your name in where your name was not listed in categories where I felt it was appropriate.
I hope you get the recognition you deserve for your years and years of creating, performing, collaborating and mentoring in world of music. We are all better for what you do and you have such a great legacy of entertained listeners and enhanced musicians.
Bill Russo

January 2, 2012, from Erik Lawrence, saxophonist, after an evening of both of us sitting in with the great David Amram at Cornelia Street Cafe:

"What better way to celebrate Frank Wess' birthday than to hear melodic, swinging inventive, creative and burning flute by someone with Something to Say. Bless you Carol Sudhalter! Thanks for that."

July 4, 2011: From Milt Robertson, long-time companion of the great singer Ruth Brisbane:

"Hi Carol,

Great job.  As soon as I heard the flute I knew it was you.  What a sound.
The two British gentlemen sitting next to me were immediately impressed with your
sound.  They just arrived on the QE2.  They inquired of the Jazz trio working the ship;
where may we listen to some jazz.  They told him about "Small's Jazz Club".  They
showed up and liked what they heard.  They came early and remained until the show
following Ruth.  We all like your work. 
Thanks for sitting in.  Good work.


July 6, 2011: From Jerry Bergonzi, one of the greatest sax players in the world:

"Carol. You are the best. I still remember u sounding so great on I'll remember April. Your friend, Jerry"

July 10, 2011 From Meredith Gardner, Ph. D.

" If people could only hear you, they’d come off their anti-depressants and other meds.

 I’m the privileged one here….Thanks so much for your companionship and….talent.

 My soul and ears are grateful.    Fondly,  "Merry Lee"



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