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Monday, May 5th 2014

10:43 AM

Some Special Compliments

February 2, 2015

Putting the most recent at the top makes more sense. This article in Artspy (of Queens Council on the Arts) has a place for comments at the bottom.


Here are some of the comments:

  1. Nina Hunt says:

    Carol lives upstairs from me and I get to hear her music almost 24/7. I love it. I try to make her gigs especially if the gig is during the day.

  2. Dear Carol,

    I was a fan of your Brother Richard and his sound of Bix on cornet. You have as I hear you absorbed that and took it down into your baritone sax. So, Keep on Keepin’ Swing-Jazz Alive!

  3. Lynn says:

    Great articles
    Looking forward to our GIG

  4. Glenn Mills says:

    Carol is the best, talented, skilled, imaginative, kind and caring. The “real thing”.

  5. Her energy, her passion, her spirit, her drive to be the best is what makes her music sound so special! She’s a natural leader because she leads from the heart!! Carol, Thank you for being my friend.

  6. Jill McManus says:

    ‘Bout time that more people are catching on to your excellent playing! Congratulations, Jill

  7. Barbara says:

    Carol is the most amazing and fabulous light for all of us to follow. Her energy is remarkable, her music fun, and her humility gives her the edge of truth channeling the gift of sound.

  8. Brains, beauty and talent! What a magnificent write-up! You deserve it, Carol! It’s been too long since I’ve attended one of your performances. Can’t wait to hear you perform soon!

  9. Bill Wurtzel says:

    You play who you are. That’s why Carol’s music is so beautiful. I hire her whenever I can, so should you.

  10. Claire Helfman says:

    My cousin Carol and I share childhood memories of home gatherings where every person played an instrument and we sang and laughed a lot! Her brother Richard and Father Al were well know, also. Wonderful to see her receive this recognition. You Go, Cuz!

  11. Francie Scanlon says:

    Carol Sudhalter represents in my opinion the spirit of Jazz – life affirming artist encouraging and supporting those around her orbit to also be all that they are! I was overjoyed that Carol was the SPARC ARTIST IN RESIDENCE (2014 – Florence Smith Senior Center). “Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year ” (‘Sp ’14) – but Carol was the Mistro Tutti! People from all over the world, from a wide range of professional and personal experiences gathered weekly at the Senior Center – aided and abetted with Carol’s magnificent artistic direction. – culminating in a memorable and swinging performance on CINQO DE MAYO 2014! It was just one of the many fabulous masterpieces that Carol has crafted and inspired. QCA you sure know how to pick ‘ em! Thank you. P.S . Carol is also one of the nicest people you may ever wish to meet!



November 12, 2014

At a concert of David Amram on November 8, at Sunnyside Reformed Church, I stepped up to the bandstand and played 'Pull My Daisy' with David. Afterwards an elegant gentleman in an old captain's jacket approached me with heaven in his eyes, and said, 'You were wonderful! I just wanted to flap my wings and fly to the moon!!"


May 5, 2014:  After the culminating performance event of a class in which I organized senior citizens into a musical show that I wrote based on their comments and conversations, one very articulate and gifted woman wrote me:

Dear Carol:

You are the consummate SPARC professional:

S for swinging
P for poetic
A for artistic
R for righteous
C for compassionate 

Thank you for being all that you are and modeling the disposition that
gifts others to be likewise.
All the best.

August 15, 2012:  This past spring I sold a beautiful Ansonia brass clock on ebay. The whole thing was an odyssey. First bringing it to a wonderful gentleman in Manhattan for appraisal. He looked it up in his catalogues and found the exact year it was made and all the other details about  it. He does not participate in the cyber world: no internet, no online advertising, no email. He just sits in a small office in an old building in the wall Street area, and repairs clocks, by which he is totally surrounded.
   Next, correspondence with the gentleman who bid, and eventually bought it, on ebay. He went through all the steps with me on how to pack it. Now, two months later, I received the emails with the latest news on my clock:

'See the attached pictures of your clock that you sold me.  Clean and shiny, working really great.  Needed new springs and a super cleaning.  Really proud to have the clock and that it is working great.' 

and then:

'...the clock is wonderful and I plan on keeping it as part of my own collection.  This one is running extremely well and has the Ansonia Crystal clock style that I like best.  Always looking for the next Crystal Clock to add on to the collection.  I am extremely happy with this one you sold to me.  The name that the clock goes by around the house is “Carol”.  Most people have street or buildings named after them.  You have clock that is your name sake and it is doing quite well.'

July 15, 2012: I was listed in DOWN BEAT Magazine in the 77th Jazz Reader's Poll as nominee for best jazz musician in the flute category! Bill Russo, radio personality, wrote this:
I voted for you where you where listed. I wrote your name in where your name was not listed in categories where I felt it was appropriate.
I hope you get the recognition you deserve for your years and years of creating, performing, collaborating and mentoring in world of music. We are all better for what you do and you have such a great legacy of entertained listeners and enhanced musicians.
Bill Russo

January 2, 2012, from Erik Lawrence, saxophonist, after an evening of both of us sitting in with the great David Amram at Cornelia Street Cafe:

"What better way to celebrate Frank Wess' birthday than to hear melodic, swinging inventive, creative and burning flute by someone with Something to Say. Bless you Carol Sudhalter! Thanks for that."

July 4, 2011: From Milt Robertson, long-time companion of the great singer Ruth Brisbane:

"Hi Carol,

Great job.  As soon as I heard the flute I knew it was you.  What a sound.
The two British gentlemen sitting next to me were immediately impressed with your
sound.  They just arrived on the QE2.  They inquired of the Jazz trio working the ship;
where may we listen to some jazz.  They told him about "Small's Jazz Club".  They
showed up and liked what they heard.  They came early and remained until the show
following Ruth.  We all like your work. 
Thanks for sitting in.  Good work.


July 6, 2011: From Jerry Bergonzi, one of the greatest sax players in the world:

"Carol. You are the best. I still remember u sounding so great on I'll remember April. Your friend, Jerry"

July 10, 2011 From Meredith Gardner, Ph. D.

" If people could only hear you, they’d come off their anti-depressants and other meds.

 I’m the privileged one here….Thanks so much for your companionship and….talent.

 My soul and ears are grateful.    Fondly,  "Merry Lee"



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Monday, January 6th 2014

8:51 AM

Update on September 2013 Italy Tour

9/21 – Ristorante La Cuccagna, Rome – w/Corrado Severi Silvestrini (comp/pno), Max De Lucia (dms), Marco Frattini (bs).

9/24 -  Il Locale, Via Peralba, 2a, Montesacro, Rome with pianist/composer Corrado Severi Silvestrini and band
9/26 - Officina 15 - Rome – Carol Sudhalter Quintet w/Olivier Berney (tpt), Mauro Andreoni (pno), Filippo Saratti (dms), Benjamino De Vita (bs)

9/27 – Open Cafe, Milano w/ Roby Perissin Latin Jazz Ensemble.  Roby Perissin, (bs), Diego Ruvidotti (tpt), Angelo Bifezzi (pno), Gino Carravieri (dms).

This is a summary of the concerts on my last Italy tour, beautiful and heartwarming from start to finish. I worked virtually every night, except when traveling. Good friends, good trains, great food, wonderful venues, fine weather too and I always swoon when I am in my first city, Milan.

9/28- LegnanoPrivate event with Antonio Cervellino (bs) and Carmelo Tartamella (g), Emilio Zilioli (dms)

9/29 – Art Cafe Ospedaletto:  “Latin Jazz  feat. Carol Sudhalter (fl/ts, Gianni Satta (Tr) Angelo Bifezzi (Pno), Roby Perissin (Bs), Paolo Traino (dms)9/11 – 354 Park Ave at 51 St. – with Linda Ipanema and her band – free outdoor concert

9/13 – Bernezzo, area attrezzata “La Magnesia”: Mimma Rossi presents: Cuneo meets the Americas:  Carol Sudhalter (flauto e sax), Davide Garola (trombone/flicorno), Gianni Scotta (piano), Eddy Gaulein-Steff (bass), Luis Casih (drums/perc), Elena Urru (voce).

9/14 -  Como – Trattoria Fortino w/Antonio Cervellino (bs) and Carlo Uboldi, Via Conciliazione 32, Tavernola, Como

9/15 -  Cuneo (Madonna delle Grazie)  – Giardino filosofico di Villa Torre Acceglio 
Paolo Perotti presents: “Gypsy Mix”, w/Florin Tanase (g), Italians Stateless (Paolo Perotti, Carol Sudhalter, Mario Biasio, Giorgio Vacchetta), Deborah de Blasi Quartet: Deborah de Blasi (voc), Yoann Hamburger & Christophe Buselli (g), Serge Ferrero (bs).

9/17 –   Cantina Scoffone. w/Claudio Ottaviano (bs), Roberto Paglieri (dms), Dario Trapani (g), guest saxophonist Mirko Fait. Via Pietro Custodi 4, Milano

9/19 -  Nord Est Club, Milano w/Antonio Fusco (dms), Antonio Zambrini (pno), Andrea Di Biase (bs). Via Borsieri 35.9/7 – Jazz Vespers,  w/Eric Person Big Band. St. Albans Congregational Churc
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Friday, April 5th 2013

3:52 PM

"Jazz April" in Queens

What's going on in Queens in Jazz Month??

I need to say that a lot is going on. And always has been. I used to think of myself as a pioneer, back in the 1980s and 90s, when I thought up a bunch of new parks and other venues where jazz could be played for all  these Astoria folks from their many different countries, who didn't have that much exposure to the art form.

Then I interviewed bassist Leonard Gaskin, and found out that Queens was riddled with clubs dating back many decades, all the way up and down Roosevelt Ave., and all over Jamaica; and these places were really cookin'! But that's another story. At least I did contribute to getting some stuff going in Astoria, one small but significant part of Queens.

One impressive event going on this April is something created by two good friends of mine, both excellent musicians, drummer Brian Woodruff and guitarist Amanda Monaco (along with others). Their organization is called the Queens Jazz OverGround (QJOG), a nonprofit collective that promotes jazz performance and education in the borough of Queens. They are having a 'Spring Jazz Festival 2013': a free, daylong series of jazz workshops and performances at Flushing Town Hall on Saturday, April 27 from 12 noon to 10:30 pm (for kids too!!). You can see the details at www.queensjazz.org. It sounds fabulous and I think I'll go.

As for me, I'm pursuing some of my passions this month. One is my eternal effort to found and fund a series of House Concerts,  an age-old but new phenomenon , something I've grown to love being part of. I've organized and given them in Vicenza, Italy; Harlem; Coventry, U.K., and ! really want to get this off the ground in Queens.
I've actually got one in Brooklyn this month: 'Brownstone Jazz', April 26. That series is bassist Eric Lemon's brainchild and a very successful one!

Second of the two passions is working with and performing for senior citizens, many of whom are a great inspiration to me. I will be doing a trio jazz performance at the NORC Queens Community House Senior Center on Tuesday, April 30 at 1:15, with guitarist Andrew Lim and bassist Shawn Lovato, both from Queens. I've been working with the seniors who attend the NORC center, acompanying (on flute and sax) their marvelous poetry, painting, songs, written logs of thoughts and memories. They are something else...active and offering fresh perspectives right into their 90s. (Details at my website, http://sudhalter.com. )

"For more ways you can participate in jazz activities this month, wherever you are, visit http://jazzapril.com     
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Thursday, March 28th 2013

9:09 AM

Birds' Eye View of my Last Italian Tour Feb. 23 to March 17, 2013

Thurs., February 28 – 2 to 5 pm – masterclass, ‘Jazz Flute’, Orchestra Hall, Scuola Media Statale ‘Rosa Bianca’, Saluzzo,  Italy

Wonderful! Students marvelously well prepared by Mimma Rossi, their teacher. A nice compliment from one student, Massimo:

"Sono stato felice di essere stato con una persona famosa come te e ti ringrazio tanto per il tempo e la pazienza che mi hai dedicato. Per me sarà per sempre un momento indimenticabile." Massimo came to the jam session the next night, and stayed on stage over an hour, playing all of the 6 or 7 tunes he had learned for the class, nailing the melody, playing over the changes and trading 4s with the rest of the band. About 11 years old!!!

Sei una grande donna!...con una sensibilità unica....che  viene fuori attraverso il tuo suonare,  i tuoi silenzi ed i tuoi sguardi...I bambini ti ricordano con tanto affetto, e ieri che c'era ricevimento parenti,( cioè i genitori vengono a parlare agli insegnanti per sapere l'andamento scolastico dei loro figli), ebbene tanti genitori hanno ancora ringraziato e ricordato positivamente l'esperienza con te.

Thurs., Feb. 28 – 9:30 pm – Ex Lavatoi di CuneoCarol Sudhalter in quartet with Gianni Negro (piano), Simone Monnanni (bs), Riccardo Zegna (dms). Via Piave, 3  – Cuneo. Info/res. 333 261 5610

Friday, March 1 – 10 pm - Attilio Donadio Festival Preview. produced by Ettore Stratta Society, Granbaita Hotel, Savigliano. Carol Sudhalter with Mario Biasio, Mimma Rossi, Davide Garola, Enzo Medaglia and more. Info and res. 0172 711 500

Sat., March 2 – 9:30 pm – Trattoria del Vecchio Zuavo – ‘Intimate friendship: Funkallero meet Carol’. Carol Sudhalter (flute, saxes & voice), Paolo Perotti (clarinet & voice), Giorgio Vacchetta (piano, keyboard & trumpet). , via Roma, 21 Cuneo. Tel 0039 171602020.

These musicians are phenomenal. Giorgio plays absolutely beautiful trumpet lines with one hand, keyboard with the other. Paolo is a master of the saxes and sings as well. Very humorous too. We had a ball.

Sunday, March 3 – 9:30 pm-  Il Cantiere, Roma, Carol with Mauro Andreoni (pno) and Olivier Berney (tpt), Gigi Rossi (bs) and Carlo Battisti (dms). Via Gustavo Modena, 92 (Trastevere).

Tues., March 59:30 pmIl Locale, Via Peralba, Montesacro, Rome. Carol with Corrado Severi Silvestrini (pno),  Marco Fratini (bs) and Max De Lucia (dms)

Thurs., March 7 – 9:30 pmPer Bacco Jazz Club, V. Lanza 13, Taranto. Carol with Francesco Lomagistro (dms) and Vito Di Modugno (organ)

Fri, March 8 – 4 to 8 pm – Masterclass, Bisceglie, Accademia di Musica Orfeo, ‘English Diction for Singers’

Photos received from Director Domenico Spadavecchio with this compliment:
'Per la splendida donna che sei e per la fantastica musicista!

Fri., March 8 – 9 pm – Enoteca del Jazz De Astis,  Via Ten. Fiorino,50 Molfetta -  349/1917493 – 347/8126389 with Francesco Lomagistro and Vito Di Modugno

Sat., March 9 – 10:30 a.m. – Masterclass Dizione per Cantanti. Musa Sapori & Saperi, Corso Benedetto Croce, 18, Bari – Carol Sudhalter, docente

Sat., March 99:30 pmMusa Sapori e Saperi, Corso Benedetto Croce, 18, Bari (BA)  with Vito Di Modugno and Francesco Lomagistro. Info 080 926 2863

Sun. March 10- 9:30 pm – Porto di Santa Marinella (RM).  Carol with  Mauro Andreoni (pno), Olivier Berney (tpt), Gigi Rossi (bs) and Carlo Battisti (dms).

Friday March 15 – 21.00 – Association Columbus – Centro Columbus, Via S. Francesca Cabrini, 9 – Codogno (Lodi) with Stefania Martinelli (voc), Francesco Chebat (pno), Roberto Piccolo (bs), Stefano Bertoli (dms)

Sat. March 16 – 9 pm – Open Cafe, Mediterranean Grille, Corso Lodi  37/a, Milano with Roby Perissin band: Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl), Roby Perissin (bs), Diego Ruvidotti (tpt), Angelo Bifezzi (pno), Gino Carravieri (dms)

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Friday, November 16th 2012

11:37 PM

9th Place in Down Beat 2012 Readers' Jazz Poll, 'Best Flutist'

Here is an article that Josey Bartlett wrote about this poll, and me, for the Queens Chronicle:


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Monday, April 16th 2012

9:59 AM

Jazz in Astoria 1980 to Present

This is a post-in-progress that will ultimately be part of the JJA Blogathon:  http://news.jazzjournalists.org/jazz_day_2012/jja-blogathon-jazz-in-your-community/  

 Astoria, where I live, and the adjoining Long Island City, are, of late,  flooded with fine musicians. That was not the case when I moved to Astoria in 1981 (where I have rented the second floor of a two-family house for these 31 years). Astounding changes have gone on around me, up and the street, and even out my back window (empty lot transformed into a 20-story high-rise amidst the two-family blocks)!

    I founded my 'Astoria Big Band' in 1985, because there were no big bands that I knew of in Queens playing a contemporary book (there was one 'nostalgia' big band). Tired of paying the tolls to New Jersey and upstate New York, or subway fare to Manhattan, each time I was called to rehearse on bari sax, I decided to take the plunge: I  borrowed some charts,  made the phone calls and started rehearsing the Astoria Big Band.

  Shortly after that moment, I met the couple who managed the wonderful Forest Park Carousel. Together we made a plan: our band was to give the first-ever concert as the carousel turned its rounds. Our special guest was Queens native Big Nick Nicholas! The high point of the concert came as Nick began to sing Charlie Camilleri's arrangement of "This Love of Mine". "This love of mine,..."  he sang; and in the rather long pause before "...goes on and on..", the carousel bell rang once, in perfect time and on a note that matched the harmony, like the gong in an orchestral piece.

   Frequently I would walk by Athens Square Park, a concrete park near the 30th Ave stop of the N train, and would notice signs for concerts: GREEK NIGHT! the signs shouted out at me. Bangladeshi Night - Thursday!, Italian night! Why not a jazz night? I applied for a grant and soon we were playing jazz every Monday night. The Astoria Big Band played, and so did lots of local groups. It was a rough-and-tumble effort that required climbing over a fence to unlock and activate the electricity; ducking to avoid basketballs bouncing off our heads from the adjacent court; and trying to set up and play over the racket and bustle of the skateboarders, whom local police seemed reluctant to impede in their joyful but noisy pursuit.

   In 2000, I responded to a letter from Partnership for Parks, and ended up co-producing the First Ever Astoria/LIC Waterfront Parks Jazz Festival, which encompassed lots of local talent including the not-yet-famous clarinetist/saxophonist Anat Cohen. A successful event, but again, not without great difficulties.

   Now, everything seems very simple. What's happened in the past ten years to make it so?  There has been a steady growth -- nay, explosion! - in Astoria's population of young folks, commuters, students. I marvel as I see the floods of new well-dressed residents descend the steps of the N train at rush hour. 30th Ave teems with a long line of trendy restaurants, bars and cafes, all full to the brim of an evening, making Astoria look like Montreal's St. Catherine Street. One has but to persist door-to-door, and most places will be willing to try a jazz night.  Jam sessions and steady gigs have been successful. Drummer Brian Woodruff initiated, and has maintained, an 11 pm  Sunday night jam session at a restaurant called Blackbird's, with a tasty menu and good attendance.  He follows up each week with email reports and sneak previews of the next one.  Guitarist Larry Luger has for over 10 years held a steady Monday night trio gig with the wonderful, poetic bassist John DeCesare and a drummer (Roy, the group's founder) at Sac's (oven baked) Pizza on Broadway. The very bright, gifted guitarist/composer Amanda Monaco runs a  friendly, 'happening' jam session at 'Domaine' on Vernon Blvd., near the Vernon/Jackson stop of the 7 train, Mondays at 8 pm (more in line with my hours!).

   With this steady growth in the Astoria population, a concert produced in any park will receive ready assistance from city organizations. No more climbing over fences or ducking the path of flying objects. As for me, I have stepped back from my founding efforts. I participate when asked; when I receive a grant, my head comes out of the sand and I easily find an appropriate venue among Queens' myriad historic sites. Most of the time, though, when I cross a period of  free time, I hop over to my next favorite countries, Italy and UK, to spend 5 or 6 weeks traversing the land by train,  playing gigs, keeping up friendships and teaching masterclasses. It's good for my soul. And of course, there's always a host of new developments in the Astoria terrain waiting to surprise me on my return! I just hope they never do away with my local all-night Bel Aire Diner.
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Tuesday, February 21st 2012

10:17 PM

Carol's Crunch Chocolate non-dairy no-sugar Treat

You'd better double this recipe. It took me no time at all to finish it off!


1 square of Baker's chocolate

2 figs

2 dates

2-3 allspice berries

sprinkle of oats to prevent sticky blades

Chop this mixture in the coffee grinder/chopper and put in a bowl


1 tbsp agave

1 tbsp peanut butter

Cut in 1 tbsp of butter

Mix it up and eat it! Crunchy sweet, delicious!

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Thursday, December 29th 2011

9:59 PM

September-October 2011 in Italy: A Retrospective

This is how it went!

-Sept. 5, 2011: Fly to Milan, Aer Lingus through Dublin

-Sept. 6, 2011 - Fly Milan to Bari. This one was a comedy of errors. Happened to be the day of national transit strikes! Got to airport (Malpensa) 9 a.m. and proceeded to wait, wait and wait some more, as the flight got postponed later and later. Very fun day at the airport, almost entirely empty. Bar was open, also restaurant. Had a nice cup of tea! At 11, took out the sax and practiced scales and arpeggi. Lovely acoustics. At 2, returned to the gate, and waited again with others, only to read on the monitor at 4:30 that the flight was cancelled. Had supper, took a shuttle bus over to Linate, got another flight leaving slightly after 10 and arrived in Bari around midnight. Loyal friend hammond organist Vito Di Modugno picked me up at the airport, brought me home, and the rest of the night was smooth!

-Thurs., Sept. 8, 2011
: concert at La Quercia, V. Saverio Mercadante, 2, 70020 Cassano delle Murge, Bari, Italy with Paolo Lepore and his Jazz Studio Orchestra  (Vito di Modugno on electric bass). Paolo always puts on a great show. This one featured a marvelous French chanteuse, Natalie L'Hermitte, who sings the Edith Piaf Repertoire very well! And  a marvelous Sinatra-repertoire Italian, Piero Dotti, very lovely guy as well as a fine singer.

- Friday, Sept. 9, 2011: Duo concert: Carol with Carlo M. Barile (pno) - Irsina (Basilicata)(Matera) - Italy - Centro Studi Giovanni Maria Trabaci. Outdoors in main piazza. Compliment on this event:

"grazie Carlo, la magia di una notte impeccabile, l'eleganza della musica jazz amplificata dal genio di due artisti di fama internazionale, il pubblico caldo e competente e una location degna dei migliori jazz festival nazionali hanno reso Irsina per una notte palco di rara bellezza. Io insieme allo stuff del Caffè Ducale continueremo a crederci, è la realizzazione di un sogno, ci crediamo, ci divertiamo e amiamo il nostro fantastico paese. Ci vediamo al prossimo evento..."
Bruno Giorgio.
Carlo has always been a boy genius and now is a man genius. Brilliant pianist and probably one of the few with whom I find no problem at all playing in duo, without a bassist, thanks to his very powerful and clear left hand and great time. A wonderful experience. He actually rolled a real upright piano from a nearby school right into the piazza!
Link to TV news broadcast excerpt from this concert (very brief, towards the end of the link): http://www.tgr.rai.it/dl/tgr/regioni/PublishingBlock-51f9acfe-ab45-47af-b11c-f5aee58e916d.html?idVideo=ContentItem-b785882a-559c-4532-90de-4296d0a47980

- Saturday, 10 September, 2011
: Enoteca Per Bacco, Via Umbria 14, Taranto, Italy  338 5235637  with Francesco Lomagistro (dms), Camillo Pace (bs) e Eddy Olivieri (pno). http://www.perbaccojazz.it/
Proprietor Pino Gentile has decided to make his beautiful bar into a jazz club. He truly loves jazz. A more cordial guy would be hard to find. He picked me right up at the bus station, asked me what I wanted for lunch. When I replied 'salad', he made a beeline for a shopping plaza that had a marvelous salad bar where I could choose from all the beloved 'adds', - olives, artichokes, the works. He then dropped me at my WONDERFUL B&B where I had a great afternoon nap. The gig at his place was absolutely brilliant. What a rhythm section! Eddy and Camillo are new discoveries for me, just wonderful musicians with great swing. And Francesco sounds better every time I play with him.

- Sunday Sept. 11, 2011:  with Paolo Lepore's Jazz Studio Orchestra. Andria, Castel del Monte - Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.
Another great Paolo production. The piazza was FULL!! At least 1000 people including all the local dignitaries. Show was great again. French singer had already gone back to Paris, but Piero Dotti did his Sinatra repertoire and we also had a little New York dedication section in honor of 9/11.

-September 12, 2011:  Visit to Monopoli
. What great fortune to have such wonderful friends in this beautiful town. A hospitable and gracious family. Thank you Donatella & co.!!

-September 16, 2011, 9 pm– Associazione Culturale Cantiere Jazz
 V. Gustavo Modena, 92 (P.zza G.Belli), Trastevere, Rome
 Carol Sudhalter, tenor sax and flute; Olivier Berney (tpt), Mauro Andreoni (pno), Gigi Rossi (bs), Ares Andreoni (dms). Great playing in this rather no-frills, unfinished environment with a very fine jazz audience of real listeners.

Sat., Sept. 17, 2011: Wedding, La Preda, Poggio Catino with Nicola Vernuccio, Roberto Pistolesi and guitarist Gianluca Belpassi. So great to be playing with my Roman 'brother' Roberto, one of my favorite drummers in Italy, and the great Nico Vernuccio on bass, who drove all the way from Pistoia, brought the guitarist, brought the sound system, stayed late so the bride could play dance tunes from her i-pad through his system. It was magical. We were playing repertoire for the American half and the Italian half. I even sang 'Volare' and Dean Martin's 'That's Amore' (he would have cringed though).

Sept. 18, 2011: Garbatella, Largo delle sette chiese in piazza: Mauro Andreoni (pno), Roberto Pistolesi (dms), Gigi Rossi (bs), Olivier Berney (tpt). A great idea for a concert. Played in front of a bar that served appetizers for a very low price that worked somewhat like a cover charge. The sound system and acoustics were great, and that section of Rome is quite trendy and beautiful.

-Sept.25: Jam session at Olivier Berney (tromba)'s house, Frascati including pianist Marco Saratti, Mauro Andreoni and Erasmo Bencivenga; drummers and bassists.

-Sept. 30: Jazz Club Firenze w/Cosimo Marchese (dms), Nicola Vernuccio (bs) and Max Calderai (pno). Always a great welcome here. Owner Stefano's last words: "Come back ANY time!!". Nice atmosphere for jazz.

Sat. Oct. 1:
Teatro Santa Chiara, Pza Santa Chiara, 14, 00186 Roma. Tribute to Philosopher/composer/psychoanalyst Sandro Gindro   with  Corrado Severi Silvestrini, piano/arranger; Clizia Aloisi, voce, Carlo Battisti (dms), Daniele Basirico (bs), Carol Sudhalter (fl/sax), Francesco Pezzella (poetry reading). One of the highlights of my tour. Had to return from Tuscany on a fast train to make the concert, but well worth it. Hope to learn more about Sandro Gindro, this seemingly fascinating Renaissance man who left so many disciples in Rome and influenced so many lives. The poetry, music, arrangements and performances were all equally impressive.

- October 3 to 5: Zurich. A visit to my great 87-year old friend, Madeleine! A jazz fan all her life, she possesses album after album full of photos of her with every celebrity of jazz for the past several decades. Though blind, she is still able to locate any LP in her collection and put it on the turntable in order to test my listening skills. I'm still not able to guess all the players.

-Wed., Oct. 5: Bar Ricci with Giovanni Monteforti (guit), and Mino Fabiano (bs). V. Vittor Pisani, Milan. A noisy, upscale place with a 'happy hour'. They placed us outdoors to compete with the motorcycles, ambulances and other ambient noise. Not much listening going on, but we did get applause even if not much satisfaction. Here I was able to say hello to old and new friends, including Massimo Mainardi and Giovanni Scalori.

- Thurs., Oct. 6. - Hotel Doria  Viale Andrea Doria, 22, Milan. CAFFE’ DORIA JAZZ CLUB. “CAROL SUDHALTER ITALIAN QUARTET”  Carol Sudhalter, tenor and flute; Davide Corini (pno); Luca Garlaschelli (bs); Massimo Pintori (dms).Luca and I spent an entire summer doing gigs all over the North of Italy in 2003. I haven't seen much of him the past few years as he was on the road with a show. It was great playing with him and he is a giant of the bass. And I really loved the whole band.

- Sat., Oct. 8: Carol Sudhalter masterclass, "Dizione inglese per cantanti", Jazz Club di Cuneo. Three great vocalists and a wonderful accompanist, Tiziana Cappellini. Much more to write about this!

-Sun., Oct. 9:  Teatro Toselli, Cuneo: Carol Sudhalter (sax tenore/flauto) Quintet, Davide Garola (trombone e flicorno), Fabio Gorlier (piano), Roberto Chiriaco (contrabbasso), Edoardo Bellotti (batteria). What a nice concert. Part of the Attilio Donadio festival, named after the great alto saxophonist who was Cunean and died too soon.

- Tues., Oct. 11: Association Columbus

Centro Columbus, Sala Multimediale, Centro Missionarie del Sacro Cuore, V. S. Francesca Cabrini, 9, Codogno (Lodi)

Carol on tenor sax and flute; Gianni Satta,(tpt, flugel); Angelo Bifezzi (keys); Enzo Frassi (bs); Paolo Mozzoni (dms). This was kind of an experiment on the part of physicist and jazz lover Michele Celebrano, who did a bang-up job of finding a venue and organizing a band that was a total delight to play with. Carlo, the sound man, also sat in on guitar and sounded quite fine! We had all of 56 people in attendance on a Tuesday night!

- Thurs., Oct. 13: 'House concert' with Giovanni Monteforte (guit) and Carmelo Leotta (bs) presso Licia Barcaro, Strada Vicinale Monte Crocetta 4 - Vicenza.  This was the most perfect musical experience of the entire trip!  Here is a letter from the hostess:

Carissimi Carol, Carmelo e Giovanni, ancora una volta sento di mandarvi un grande GRAZIE!! Giovedì sera ci avete regalato qualcosa di assolutamente unico e speciale, ed è stato non solo un piacere ma anche un onore avervi qui a casa mia. Mai mi sarei aspettata di raccogliere nei pochi metri quadri del mio salotto 3 professionisti della musica come voi!Sono veramente felice che abbiate deciso di venire a suonare qui, nonostante non sapeste nulla di me né del posto dove avreste tenuto il concerto, né di quanto poi avreste portato a casa.

Di sicuro questo concerto non vi ha reso più ricchi materialmente, ma spero che vi abbia almeno ripagato con un po’ di ricchezza umana.

Ora sono qui a godermi il sole che entra dalla finestra e ad ascoltare il vostro cd, e rivivo la magia che avete saputo creare l’altra sera.E non c’è modo migliore per iniziare la giornata!Grazie ancora quindi, è stato molto bello conoscervi e se mai vi doveste trovare da queste parti, un bicchiere di vino e …una zuppa calda vi aspettano! Un grosso abbraccio, Licia

The evening changed my entire life. It was an experiment, something I had thought about for ages: the 'house concert'. I found this one through a sub-group in couchsurfing.org. The experience of sitting in a kitchen, not two feet away from 26 intent listeners lined up on benches, breathing in their vibes towards the music and breathing out the music right directly into their souls. This is what resulted in what Lee Konitz would have referred to as the 'connect', the link to one's most innermost message, not showy stuff, not stage prancing but a real message from inside. As such, it was so, so satisfying and moving, both for us and them. So much so, that I felt I could walk out and never play another club, but just stay with this experience and do more of the same forever. Maybe I will, who knows!?

-Friday, October 14, 2011: Trattoria La Vignetta, Via Monte Grappa, 32 22012 - Cernobbio (CO) with Antonio Cervellino (bs) and Carlo Uboldi (pno). Trio gig in a very tiny space, with a very enthusiastic and welcoming owner who plays some electric bass. Wonderful food and the interaction with the certain tables was powerful, although some talking at a corner table interfered with our doing our most sensitive pieces. Carlo is a fine pianist and if I had my druthers, he would always have an upright or grand to play on, instead of a keyboard!

- Sat., Oct. 15 - City Bar di Chiasso, Corso San Gottardo 25. Carol Sudhalter (flute/sax), Antonio Cervellino (contrabbasso), Simone Daclon, piano e Dario Milan, batteria. Noisy, somewhat 'chic' environment, a 'happy hour' type situation, which at first I thought wouldn't work for jazz. Once they set us up, moved the tables, and we got going, it was a place where one could really 'get down' and be appreciated in this vein. It was a great evening; staff also turned out to be very nice, very friendly and chatty. Can't say much for the food! Not after all that time in Italy.

- Sun., Oct. 16:  Art Cafè Ospedaletto with Angelo Bifezzi (pno), Roberto Agostinelli (bs) and drummer Paolo Traino ..with special guest vocalist, 14-year-old Eleonora Losa. 13, Via Del Cristo, 13 - 26864 Ospedaletto Lodigiano LO. I knew it would be my last night and that I'd need to get up early and fly, and that I'd be tired. But hey, the bands were turning out to be so good, I had to try another one. Angelo's my old buddy and I know his playing is great. So now I've added two more marvelous players, Roberto and Paolo. A great night and such a great way to say farewell to Northern Italy before flying. Roberto was the greatest, went out of his way - picked me up and brought me home too.

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Friday, December 16th 2011

10:24 AM



1. A lovely obituary on journalist/editor Paul Blair, who passed in December 2011, by W. Royal Stokes, author of Growing Up With Jazz and other books:

Some new links that are worthy of note:

1. Francesca Biagi, singer, dancer, trumpet player, actress, now has a website: www.francesfollies.com

2. Chrissie Oppedisano, singer, instructor, has a wonderful new book out: http://www.amazon.co.uk/American-Non-Native-Speakers-Carpenter-Oppedisano/dp/1453829377
I am planning to use this book as a textbook and guide in the masterclass I give in Italy, 'English Diction for Singers'. It is wonderful, clear, funny. Well worth a purchase.

3. Andrew Scalise, my current room-mate, soon to be former room-mate, is a wonderful artist, apparently self-taught and only 21. Here are some of his drawings: http://goonerscalise.deviantart.com/

4. http://www.wbgo.org/photoblog/carol-sudhalter/  I jumped the line to sit in when a vocalist sang "Don't Go To Strangers" at the IWJ Festival Jam Session. Glad I did!

5. http://www.gregoriouribe.com : The Gregorio Uribe big band, which I heard last week at Fat Cat (early May 2011). Fabulous use of Colombian rhythms and haunting folk melodies, by a gifted, brilliant musician-leader who also plays what looks like a bandoneon and leads a very swinging Latin jazz big band!
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Tuesday, November 15th 2011

10:33 AM

New Talents on the Scene: Zak and Geoff

This is ZAK, a spontaneous lyricist and songwriter. Quite incredible. We will be working together very soon! I am playing flute/sax on these tracks, and the pianist is Joe Vincent Tranchina. Stay tuned for dates. Videos and news of 11-year-old Geoff to be coming soon!!



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